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Q.1Which software is open source and is used as an analog electronic simulator?
A. C++
B. Ngspice
Q.2Linear induction motor is used in:
A. magnetic attraction
B. textile mills
C. mechanical workshop
D. traction
Q.3Which type of instrument is used for measuring a very high resistance?
A. Wheatstone bridge
B. Kelvin's single bridge
C. Wien's bridge
D. Megger
Q.4Which of the following defines the armature current in a DC shunt generator?
Q.5Which of the following elements has the highest conductivity?
A. Stainless steel
B. Copper
C. Silver
D. Aluminium
Q.6Which of the following statements does NOT describe tidal energy?
A. It is the kinetic energy from the natural rise and fall of tides.
B. It is obtained due to alternating sea levels.
C. It is a form of renewable energy.
D. It is the energy derived from heating the ocean surface waters.
Q.7Which software provides automation in electrical power system?
A. Pspice
Q.8The energy motor used for domestic applications comes under the category of _______ instruments.
A. Recording type
B. Indicating type
C. Non responding type
D. Integrating type
Q.9A device which controls the high current on the load side is known as:
Q.10Which type of joint is NOT a permanent joint?
A. Joint by press fit
B. Joint by welding
C. Joint by shouldering
D. Joint by Rivets
Q.11Which type of work is NOT performed for maintenance of a transformer?
A. Leak repair / seal replacement
B. Solving the designing errors
C. Corrosion and rust removal, welding work and painting work
D. Taking measures for extending service life
Q.13A Small Enterprise is an enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does NOT exceed (According to MSMED Act, 2006):
A. Rs. 25 lakh
B. Rs. 5 crore
C. Rs. 3 crore
D. Rs. 100 lakh
Q.14The process of taking measures to check the quality, performance or reliability of the equipment is called:
A. servicing
B. inspecting
C. testing
D. analysing
Q.15Which of the following is NOT a type of electric resistance welding?
A. Helium welding
B. Butt welding
C. Seam welding
D. Spot welding
Q.16The equation 'Assets = Liabilities + Equity' is related to:
A. revenues sheet
B. balance sheet
C. credited sheet
D. expenses sheet
Q.17Which of the following properties is NOT related to carbon electrodes in arc furnaces?
A. Low melting point
B. Resistance to thermal shock
C. Insolubility
D. Inertness
Q.18Which of the following provides the controlling torque in case of a megger?
A. Voltage coil
B. Spring
C. Eddy current
D. Weight
Q.19The single phase energy meter, displays the consumed energy in ______.
A. Kilowatt
B. Volt ampere
C. Kilowatt-hour
D. Volt ampere reactive
Q.20A conductor whose resistance does NOT follow Ohm's law is called:
A. Non-linear conductor
B. Linear conductor
C. Non conductor
D. Bad conductor
Q.21Which device converts the chemical energy to electrical energy?
A. Thermocouple
B. Electrical generator
C. Nuclear power plant
D. Fuel cell
Q.22For a good fuse the value of the fusing factor is:
A. always more than 1
B. always less than 1
C. always zero
D. always equal to 1
Q.23निम्न में से कौन-सा कार्य विद्युत मशीन के निवारक अनुरक्षण (preventive maintenance) में शामिल नहीं होता है?
A. मूल्यांकन (Evaluation)
B. मापन (Measurement)
C. आयोजना (Planning)
D. परीक्षण (Testing)
Q.24What is the output expression of sum in full adder if inputs are P, Q and R?
Q.25Which of the following is NOT a category of electrical wiring system?
A. Concealed wiring
B. Clipboard wiring
C. Cleat wiring
D. Conduit wiring
Q.26Which power plant will have high capital initial cost?
A. Gas power plant
B. Nuclear power plant
C. Steam power plant
D. Diesel power plant
Q.27Manganin type of material is suitable for making:
A. constant resistance
B. standard resistance
C. losses resistance
D. variable resistance
Q.28Which of the following protects buildings, machinery and appliances under fault conditions?
A. Earthing
B. Fuse holder
C. Dielectric material
Q.29The ______ is basically a two-terminal parallel-inverse combination of semiconductor layers that permits triggering in either direction.
D. Power diode
Q.30Which of the following is NOT a track electrification system?
A. DC system
B. Three-phase AC system
C. Two-phase AC system
D. Single-phase AC system
Q.31Which of the following is used for alternating current measurement?
A. Permanent magnet type ammeter
B. Electrostatic ammeter
C. Induction ammeter
D. Moving iron repulsion type voltmeter
Q.32Which is the last stage of the product planning and development process?
A. Product development
B. Concept stage
C. Commercialisation
D. Marketing
Q.33The Sun-radiated solar energy on the surface of Earth on a normal sunny day is approximately:
A. 14 Ω
B. 5 Ω
C. 30 Ω
D. 6 Ω
Q.35Which command is used for creating rectangles in AutoCAD?
B. Squr
Q.36Which type of transmission system is NOT considered for a DC system?
A. DC two wires with midpoint earthed
B. DC two wires
C. DC three wires
D. DC four wires with line earthed
Q.37The highest AC voltage transmission line in India is:
A. 800 kV
B. 11000 kV
C. 765 kV
D. 400 kV
Q.38Which channel is preferred for providing goods or services to the marketplace?
A. Monopolies in market
B. Multiplication through team
C. Multilevel hierarchy
D. Marketing channels
Q.39Which of the following factors is NOT considered as one of the building blocks of a model entrepreneur's success?
A. Business awareness
B. Risk-Tolerance
C. Innovation
D. Visionary
Q.40Which type of test is NOT included in DC motor maintenance and repair?
A. Brush and commutator maintenance
B. Reviewing the service history
C. Bearings and lubrication
D. Load test of motor
Q.41सिंगल-फेज़ कर्षण प्रणाली में, ट्रेन को चलाने के लिए प्रेरण मोटर में कौन-सी 3-फेज़ आपूर्ति दी जाती है?
A. क्लाइनडोग्राम सिस्टम (Klydnogram system)
B. टर्मवे (Termway)
C. रोटरी कनवर्टर (Rotary converter)
D. कन्डो सिस्टम (Kando system)
Q.42Which of the following is NOT an advantage of DC electric power transmission?
A. Voltage drop is less.
B. There is no problem of inductance, capacitance and phase displacement.
C. Generation of power at high DC voltages is easy.
D. There is no skin effect on conductors.
A. Suspension insulator
B. Pin insulator
C. Strain insulator
D. Shackle insulator
A. Three phase magnetic motor starter
B. Over load relay
C. Three pole circuit breaker
D. Three pole fused switch
Q.45The number of poles required to achieve a speed of 1800 RPM, when operated on 400V, 60 Hz frequency is:
A. 2
B. 8
C. 4
D. 6
Q.46Find the correct option for simplification of the Boolean expression.

(P+Q+R)(S+T)' + (P+Q+R)(S+T).
A. P' Q' R'
B. S'+T'
C. S+T
D. P+Q+R
Q.47किस प्रकार के ऊर्जा संपरीक्षण (energy audit) में पूंजी-प्रधान सुधारों (capital intensive improvement) का विश्लेषण शामिल होता है?
A. वॉकथ्रू ऑडिट (Walkthrough audit)
B. इन्वेस्टमेंट-ग्रेड ऑडिट (Investment-grade audit)
C. बेंचमार्किंग (Benchmarking)
D. डिटेल्ड ऑडिट (Detailed audit)
Q.48Which of the following is an example of the conversion of heat energy to mechanical energy?
A. Photosynthesis in plants
B. Piezoelectric
C. Geothermal power plant
D. Steam engine
Q.49The electrical resistivity of very pure silver near 0 K is:
A. very low but measurable
B. below 100 ohm/meter
C. very high
D. not measurable
Q.50In a PLC, online programming means a program which:
A. resides on the internet server
B. resides in the PC or laptop
C. works through internet connectivity
D. resides in the PLC
Q.51The three terminals of a P type MOSFET are:
A. two main terminals and a gate terminal
B. drain, source, gate
C. anode, source, gate
D. cathode, anode, gate
Q.52Which power plant will have the highest operating life?
A. Photovoltaic Solar plant
B. Coal-fired combustion turbine plant
C. Hydroelectric power plant
D. Nuclear power plant
Q.53What is the name of the control mechanism in which output has no influence on input?
A. Closed loop control system
B. Feedback system
C. Temperature control system
D. Open loop control system
Q.54In half adder, the total number of inputs and outputs are:
A. 2, 1
B. 2, 2
C. 1, 2
D. 3, 2
A. Differential relays
B. IDMT relay
C. Polarized relay
D. Buchholz relays
Q.56The representation of a power system using the simple symbol for each component is known as:
A. component diagram
B. transmission circuit diagram
C. power symbol diagram
D. single line diagram
Q.57Which is used for making ladder logic program?
A. Virtual relay type contacts and coils
B. Function blocks and connecting lines
C. Connecting lines and coils
D. Connecting lines with logic gate symbol
Q.58What is the use of JMP (Jump instruction paired) instruction in PLC?
A. Changing the program
B. Changing the instruction
C. Causing PLC to skip over rungs
D. Cascading two programs
Q.59Large industrial consumers are connected to _____ for supply.
A. primary transmission
B. secondary transmission
C. secondary distribution
D. primary distribution
Q.60In which type of application are carbon electrodes NOT used?
A. GLS lamps
B. Cinema projectors
C. Electrical arc furnace
D. Dry cells
Q.61Which property is NOT considered in latches?
A. Output of the latches changes as we change the input.
B. Latches are edge triggered.
C. Latches are fast.
D. Latches are level triggered.
Q.62Which of the following is NOT related to overhead lines?
A. Supports
B. Cable tray
C. Insulators
D. Conductors
Q.63Which component is NOT required in conversion of wind energy to electrical DC supply?
A. Wind turbine
B. Charge controller
C. DC load
D. Generator
Q.64Which type of distribution system has high efficiency and is economical for the same amount of power?
A. Two-wire AC system
B. Three-wire three-phase system
C. Four-wire three-phase system
D. Two-phase AC system
Q.65Which standards are embedded in a quality management system within an organisation?
B. ISO 45000
C. ISO 9000
D. ISO 35001
Q.66Which pair is known as universal logic gates?
A. Green
B. Black
C. White
D. Blue
A. Differential compound
B. Standard DC series motor
C. Standard DC shunt motor
D. Standard DC compound (cumulative)
Q.69The output of NOR gate is high when:
A. one input is high and the other input is low
B. both inputs are high
C. one input is low and the other input is high
D. both inputs are low
Q.70Which process is used to produce heat in nuclear power stations?
A. Fission of uranium
B. Neutron absorption by uranium
C. Fusion of uranium
D. Internal combustion of uranium
Q.71What is the full form of LOB?
A. Loss of Business
B. Line of Business
C. Lift of Burden
D. Line of Balance
Q.72Which of the following is used for sending a command, recording the information and transmitting the reading of an instrument from a remote location?
B. Telemetry
D. Micro controller
Q.73Which type of analysis is NOT done by MATLAB software?
A. Algebraic solutions
B. Dynamic system simulations
C. Plant planning analysis
D. Numerical computing
Q.74Which of the following methods is used for measuring the resistivity of good conductors?
A. Kelvin double bridge method
B. Schering bridge method
C. Wien's bridge method
D. Loss of charge method
Q.75Which of the following is used to analyse and visualise the data in MATLAB?
A. Pspice
B. Power World Simulator
D. Simulink
Q.76How much luminous flux is emitted by candle power?
Q.77Solar array is a:
A. parallel combination of solar plant with another plant
B. series and parallel combination of solar cells
C. combination of solar panel with inverter
D. cascade connected solar plant
Q.78Which plane is used to draw all objects in AutoCAD?
A. XY plane
B. ZY plane
C. YZ plane
D. XZ plane
A. X.Y' = Z
B. X + Y = Z
C. X .Y = Z
D. X' + Y = Z
Q.80Which software application is NOT used in electrical engineering?
B. Pack Power
C. Pspice
Q.81PLC's analog input/output address value has:
A. 1 double word
B. 1 bit
C. 1 byte
D. 1 word
A. Three pole non fused switch
B. Three phase AC supply line
C. Three phase magnetic motor starter
D. Over load relay
Q.83Which type of test is NOT included for circuit breaker?
A. Mechanical test
B. Making capacity test
C. Dielectric test
D. Work out test
A. Work out / heat in
B. Heat Rejected/ fuel in
C. Heat Rejected / heat in
D. Heat in/work out
Q.85Which of the following is NOT an over current relay?
A. Inverse time over current relay
B. Closing timed over current relay
C. Definite time over current relay
D. Instantaneous over current relay
Q.86What change can be made in the moving coil permanent magnet motor that works as a flux meter?
A. Using a series connected to a high resistance
B. Using shunt connected to a low resistance
C. Using control springs with large moment of inertia
D. Eliminating the control springs
Q.87The full form of Pspice software is:
A. Personal Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
B. Personal System Program with Integrated Circuit in Electrical
C. Professional Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
D. Power Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit in Electrical
Q.89Three mutual conversions of energy forms occur at nuclear power plants. They are:
A. nuclear to thermal to heat to electric energy
B. nuclear to thermal to mechanical to electric energy
C. nuclear to chemical to mechanical to electric energy
D. chemical to nuclear to mechanical to electric energy
Q.90Which consideration is NOT included in the preparation of wiring?
A. Specifications of the wire
B. Wiring manufacturer
C. Type of conductor
D. Colour code mentioned
Q.91Which function is NOT provided by the MATLAB Mathematical Function Library?
A. Fourier transforms
B. Bessel functions
C. Line diagram
D. Matrix eigenvalues
Q.92Which type of solar cell gives the highest efficiency?
A. Polycrystalline germanium
B. Thin film
C. Polycrystalline silicon
D. Mono crystalline
Q.93Which of the following is NOT an advantage of SCR as a switch?
A. The switching speed is very high.
B. It gives noiseless operation at high efficiency.
C. It has no moving parts.
D. The operation does not produce harmonics.
Q.94Which type of measuring instrument widely used in power system for measuring the energy?
A. Electrostatic type
B. Induction type
C. Rectification type
D. Moving coil or iron type
B. D-type cartridge fuse
C. Rewireable fuse
D. Link type cartridge
Q.96Which extension is used for an AutoCAD drawing file?
Q.97Which type of material has highest dielectric strength?
A. Glass
B. Polystyrene
C. Soft rubber
D. Porcelain
Q.99A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is used for:
A. allowing a user to interact with a device
B. controlling the PLC program
C. controlling the PLC program and interfacing the SCADA both
D. interfacing the SCADA
Q.100Which of the following is NOT a design of substations?
A. Pole mounted
B. Outdoor
C. Indoor
D. Broad
Q.101Which of the following is a semiconductor material?
A. Rubber
B. Silicon
C. Aluminium
D. Paper
Q.102Which type of instrument is used to make an ohmmeter?
A. Moving coil type
B. Dynamometer type
C. Moving iron type
D. Repetitive type
A. Geo thermal energy
B. Tidal energy
C. Ocean wave energy
D. Ocean thermal energy
A. Three-wire AC distribution system
B. Unipolar DC distribution system
C. Bipolar DC distribution System
D. Ring type DC distribution system
Q.105निम्न में से किस बैंक को भारत के प्रथम विकास बैंक के रूप में जाना जाता है?
Q.106Which of the following is used for turning ON DIAC?
A. Break over voltage
B. High voltage on anode
C. Gate voltage
D. Gate current
Q.107Which property is related to arc welding transformer?
A. Low voltage, high current
B. High voltage, high current
C. High voltage, low current
D. Low voltage, low current
Q.108What is the result when Uranium-235 undergoes fission by slow neutrons?
A. Electron energy is multiplied.
B. High level force is produced.
C. There is no effect.
D. A tremendous amount of heat is released.
Q.109Which of the following is useful in the measurement of a live-conductor without damaging / powering down the circuit?
A. Multimeter
B. Tong tester
C. Ammeter
D. Earth tester
Q.110Which of the following types of materials lacks permanent magnetic dipoles?
A. Semi magnetic
B. Ferromagnetic
C. Diamagnetic
D. Fully magnetic
Q.111Which type of relay works by remotely closing but CANNOT remotely reclose the breaker?
A. Shunt trip magnetic relay
B. Series trip electrostatic relay
C. Capacitor start relay
D. Series trip magnetic relay
A. 1.6 V
B. 2.60 V
C. 4.12 V
D. 2.24 V
Q.113स्वामित्व (ownership) का वह वर्ग, जो सामान्य स्टॉक धारकों की तुलना में संपत्ति और उपार्जन पर अधिक दावा करता है, उसे ____________ रूप में जाना जाता है।
A. हाइब्रिड स्टॉक होल्डर्स (Hybrid stock holders)
B. कमोडिटी होल्डर्स (Commodity holders)
C. डिबेंचर शेयर होल्डर्स (Debenture share holders)
D. प्रिफर्ड स्टॉक होल्डर्स (Preferred stock holders)
Q.114Which law states the following?

Illumination, E at any point on a surface is directly proportional to the cosine of the angle between the normal at that point and the line of flux':
A. Inverse square law
B. Ohm's law
C. Lambert's cosine law
D. Supervie's law
Q.115For best conductivity, which type of copper is suitable?
A. Silicon mix copper
B. Hard type of copper
C. Pure annealed copper
D. Politer type of copper
Q.116निम्न में से क्‍या ऊर्जा संपरीक्षण (energy auditing) से संबंधित नहीं है?
A. वॉकथ्रू ऑडिट (Walkthrough audit)
B. विश्लेषण (Analysing)
C. डिटेल्ड ऑडिट (Detailed audit)
D. बेंचमार्किंग (Benchmarking)
A. A'+B'
B. A'+B
C. A +B'
D. A'.B
Q.118Which of the following is NOT a thyristor type?
Q.119What happens when moisture gets into the insulating materials?
A. It increases the dielectric strength
B. It increases the dielectric loss
C. It decreases dielectric constant
D. It increases the insulation resistance
Q.120Which of the following are NOT transmission line elements?
A. Protective devices
B. Voltage regulators
C. Line insulators
D. Distribution poles
A. Indirect arc heating
B. Indirect resistance heating
C. Direct induction heating
D. Direct resistance heating
Q.122_______ has a negative temperature coefficient of resistance.
A. Aluminium
B. Steel
C. Copper
D. Carbon
Q.123Arrange the following in the correct order of steps in the project management life-cycle.

1. Design,
2. Marketing,
3. Analysis and evaluation
4. Inspection, testing and delivery
A. 4, 3, 2, 1
B. 2, 3, 1, 4
C. 3, 2, 1, 4
D. 1, 2, 3, 4
Q.124What is the maximum number of inputs and outputs that are there in a small PLC?
A. 50
B. 500
C. 200
D. 100
Q.125Which method is used for transferring the power through an auto transformer?
A. Conduction
B. Mutual coupling
C. Induction
D. Conduction and induction
A. Three pole circuit breaker
B. Over load relay
C. Three phase magnetic motor starter
D. Three pole fused switch
Q.127Which method is NOT used for controlling the speed of slip ring induction motor?
A. Changing the pole method
B. Cascaded method
C. Slip power control method
D. Rotor resistance method
Q.128Which option is the correct formula to calculate/define illumination?
Q.129DC मशीन के रोटर पर आर्मेचर वाइंडिंग क्यों बनाई जाती हैं?
A. कम्युटेशन के लिए
B. रोटेशन को सरल बनाने के लिए
C. विद्युत यांत्रिक रूपांतरण के लिए
D. वोल्टेज उत्पादन के लिए
Q.130Which process completes the work of removing the dust, dirt and other unwanted impurities from electrical equipment?
A. Linking
B. Cleaning
C. Brightening
D. Changing
Q.131Which of the following appears across the circuit breaker contacts immediately after the arc interruption at current zero?
A. Recovery voltage
B. Hazard voltage
C. Peak voltage
D. Surge voltage
A. 60
B. 6
C. 0.6
D. 1.6
D. Thyristors
Q.134A circuit which is used to turn off the SCR is:
A. triggering circuit
B. commutation
C. electrostatic circuit
D. gate control circuit
Q.135Which of the following parts is NOT connected in a DC machine?
A. Armature
B. Carbon brushes
C. Commutator
D. Damper windings
Q.136How many AND and OR gates are required to realise Y = AB +BC+CD?
A. 2, 3
B. 3, 2
C. 2, 2
D. 2, 1
Q.137Which relay is suitable for long transmission line for protection of high power surges?
A. Volts current relay
B. Impedance relay
C. MHO relay
D. Reactance relay
Q.138A 300 V of separately excited dc generator is run at rated speed without excitation, terminal voltage on no load condition will be:
A. Half voltage 150 V
B. 300 V
C. Very low 2 to 3 V
D. Zero
Q.139According to IE rules for service connection for low and medium voltage line, the height of service line conductors erected across a street must NOT be less than:
A. 5.975 m
B. 6.10 m
C. 5.490 m
D. 5.18 m
Q.140Which method is NOT used for starting the synchronous motor?
A. Pony motor
B. Damper winding
C. Small DC machine
D. Outer rolled machine
A. 3.5 Ω
B. 6 Ω
C. 14 Ω
D. 5 Ω
Q.142Which is the basic power equation of dynamo (DC machine)?
Q.143Which of the following voltage controlled device has three terminals (Gate, Source and Drain)?
B. Power diode
Q.144Which parameter is NOT considered for site selection of hydroelectric plant?
A. Availability of water
B. Large storage area
C. Land with rocks
D. Sedimentation
Q.145Which of the following defines the ocean thermal energy conversion?
A. Technology for producing energy by steam made from ocean waters and then steam rotates the turbine
B. Technology for producing energy by ocean wave force of surface waters
C. Technology for producing energy by heating the ocean surface waters
D. Technology for producing energy by temperature differences between ocean surface waters and deep ocean waters
Q.146Which type of repairing step is considered mechanical or electrical imbalances in DC motor?
A. Noise and vibration inspections
B. Reviewing the service history
C. Lubrication test
D. Visual inspection
Q.147Which of the following power plants will have the lowest operating cost?
A. Natural gas combined-cycle plant
B. Coal-fired combustion turbine plant
C. Photovoltaic Solar plant
D. Nuclear power plant
Q.148Which parameter is NOT considered in the cash flow statement?
A. Financing activities
B. Investing activities
C. Operating activities
D. Trading activities
Q.149निम्न में से क्‍या परिपथ वियोजक (circuit breaker) के नियमित परीक्षणों में शामिल नहीं है?
A. मुख्य परिपथों के प्रतिरोध का मापन
B. परिपथ वियोजक का मूल्यह्रास
C. वन मिनट पॉवर फ्रीक्वेंसी वोल्टेज ड्राय विद्स्टैंड परीक्षण (One minute power frequency voltage dry withstand)
D. संचालन परीक्षण
Q.150Which generation of entrepreneurs use EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Programmes)?
A. Last generation entrepreneurs
B. Mix generation entrepreneurs
C. Future generation entrepreneurs
D. First generation entrepreneurs
Q.1ग्रीष्म ऋतु की समाप्ति के समय, केरल और कर्नाटक में होने वाली पूर्व-मानसूनी वर्षा को ________ कहा जाता है।
A. काल बैसाखी
B. आम्र-बौछार (mango showers)
C. पश्चिमी अवसाद (वेस्टर्न डिप्रेशन)
D. जेट धाराएं (jet streams)
Q.2Which of the following acts as the principal financial institution for the promotion, financing and development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector?
Q.3Legendary footballer Diego Maradona represented which nation in the FIFA World Cup tournaments?
A. Argentina
B. Brazil
C. Mexico
D. Spain
Q.4The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (Truth Alone Triumphs) mentioned below India’s state emblem has been taken from which of the following Upanishads?
A. Mundaka
B. Ganapati
C. Garuda
D. Kaivalya
Q.5Which of the following temperatures is closest to the temperature of a normal human body?
A. 37° C
B. 30° C
C. 18° C
D. 24° C
Q.6In which mountain range does the hill station Mount Abu lie?
A. Satpura Range
B. Himalaya Range
C. Karakoram Range
D. Aravalli Range
Q.7Which of the following is a non-metal that is added to swimming pools to kill germs?
A. nitrogen
B. chlorine
C. oxygen
D. iodine
Q.8The ‘Target Opium Podium Scheme (TOPS)’ involves grooming:
A. the top 5 percent of women athletes for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics
B. the top 5 percent of rural athletes for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics
C. the junior athletes for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics
D. the sports administrators for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics
Q.9Who among the following won the Seoul Peace Prize in October 2020?
A. Jacques Rogge
B. Nasrin Sotoudeh
C. Charles M Rice
D. Thomas Bach
Q.10What is the amount of annual health cover available to a family under the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the Government of India?
A. Rs.3 lakh
B. Rs.5 lakh
C. Rs.2 lakh
D. Rs.4 lakh
Q.11As of December 2020, who was the Director-General of the International Labour Organization?
A. Michel Hansenne
B. Francis Blanchard
C. Juan Somavia
D. Guy Ryder
Q.12Who wrote the novel ’Padmavat’?
A. Malik Muhammad Jayasi
B. Kalidasa
C. Tulsidas
D. Amir Khusrau
Q.13Under Article 32 of the Constitution of India, the Supreme Court is invested with the power to issue writs. Which of the following is NOT one of those writs?
A. Anapneo
B. Prohibition
C. Mandamus
D. Quo warranto
Q.14In which state is the ‘Yaoshang’ festival celebrated?
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Nagaland
C. Manipur
D. Assam
Q.15The Governor of a State is appointed by the President for a term of ________ years and holds office during his pleasure.
A. three
B. six
C. two
D. five
Q.161930 में भारत की स्वतंत्रता संग्राम के दौरान आयोजित चटगांव शस्त्रागार छापामारी (Chittagong armoury raid) के नेता/नेतृत्वकर्ता कौन थे?
A. रास बिहारी बोस
B. सूर्य सेन
C. अम्बिका चक्रवर्ती
D. बिनोय बसु
Q.17Who according to Census 2011 is a 'literate’ person?
A. A person who can read his/her name and address in any language
B. A person aged 5 years and above who can read and write in any of the languages listed in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India
C. A person aged 7 years and above who can read and write with understanding in any language
D. A person aged 7 years and above who can read and write and solve basic arithmetic problems
Q.18भारत में सांची स्तूप कहाँ स्थित है?
A. मध्य प्रदेश
B. बिहार
C. तेलंगाना
D. उत्तर प्रदेश
Q.19Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar?
A. Gulzar
B. Satyajit Ray
C. Bhanu Athaiya
D. ResulPookutty
Q.20निम्न में से किसे राजीव गांधी खेल रत्न पुरस्कार 2020 से सम्मानित नहीं किया गया था?
A. मरियप्पन थंगावेलु
B. विनेश फोगाट
C. मनिका बत्रा
D. बजरंग पुनिया
Q.1There are three statements followed by four conclusions I , II, III and IV. You have to consider the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions, if any, logically follow(s) from the given.

All boxes are tables.
All tables are mats.
All mats are chairs.

I. Some chairs are boxes.
II. All boxes are chairs.
III. Some mats are boxes.
IV. All tables are boxes.
A. Any of the conclusions I or II or III follows.
B. Only conclusions I and III follow.
C. Only conclusions I, II and III follow.
D. Either conclusion II or IV follows.
Q.2Which alphanumeric cluster from the options will replace the question mark in the following series:

A4L, B8N, D12Q, G16S, K20V, ?
A. R24T
B. P24X
C. O24Y
D. Q26Y
Q.3The given question consists of a statement, followed by two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the argument(s) is(are) 'strong' and accordingly select the correct option.

Statement: The death penalty should be abolished.

Arguments: I. No, it should not be abolished. The penalty eliminates the chance of escape for the consequences of a criminal’s actions.

II. Yes, it should be abolished. The penalty eliminates such a possibility where a person who is not a habitual offender can seek a chance to rehabilitate.
A. Only argument I is strong.
B. None of the arguments is strong.
C. Both the arguments are strong.
D. Only argument II is strong.
Q.4If ‘Gwalior’ is called ‘Raisen’, ‘Raisen’ is called ‘Bhopal’, ‘Bhopal’ is called ‘Indore’, ‘Indore’ is called ‘Jabalpur’ and ‘Jabalpur’ is called ‘Sidhi’, then the capital of Madhya Pradesh is:
A. Jabalpur
B. Indore
C. Raisen
D. Bhopal
Q.5Study the diagram carefully and answer the question that follows:

What is the number of urban female scientists?
A. 17
B. 28
C. 19
D. 38
Q.6Which letter cluster from the options will replace the question mark in the following series:

Q.7Select the option that is related to the fourth figure in the same way as the first figure is related to the second figure.

Q.8Which number will replace the question mark (?) in the following series:

123, 146, 171, 198, ?
A. 268
B. 306
C. 227
D. 324
Q.9Which option figure will replace the question mark in the following series:

Q.10In order to obtain the image figure given below, which figure from the options should be placed in front of mirror AB?